Written & Directed by: Tim Shane

All the glamour, gossip and glory of a movie premiere comes alive as the audience gathers to be the first to view Director Alan Smithee's latest masterpiece. Alan Smithee has quite a reputation in Hollywood as being a ficticious director, but risks his first public appearance in the company of Executive Producer Dee Mented, and stars of the movie, Sir Jamison Orsen Shakeswell III and Julia Ryan. Eddy It, the reporter from XYZ News is covering the story, and there is a great deal to cover. The stars have a restraining order against each other, and someone is calling in death threats to the director. Due to these and many other volatile details and the high profile of the guests, the studio has hired the best security they can find; Sam Diamond, World Famous Highly Skilled Private Detective to make sure things go smoothly.

However, shortly into the actual movie, a murder is committed, the movie is missing, and everyone becomes a suspect, making for a great experience of comic, multi-media whodunnit fun.

This show is great for events that have a multi-media set up, but can be presented in just about any space. Although it has a "holiday" spin, it can be customized for any occaision.

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