Written & Directed by: Tim Shane

IN a world dominated with crime mysteries, medical dramas and reality shows, Comedy Killers join them all together in their new hit DIAGNOSIS DEATH!

Sam Diamond is dispatched to a famous medical school to brush up on his medical knowledge, crime solving abilities and fulfill another requirement for his learners permit to kill. He soon meets the esteemed and legendary pathologist that everybody has a hard time understanding, Dr. Connie Linguist, DO. However, before they can begin, Dr. Mel Practice, MD brings a crew from Our Lady Of Morphine Hospital demanding an immediate meeting of the staff to decide how to proceed with a unique case involving a patient of Dr. Practice that is also a student of Dr. Linguist known as Miss Abby Cadaver. Just to make things extra complicated, Allison Gen, an aggressive American-Canadian pharmaceutical rep is trying to close a deal with the MD’s, and Roger Rachitt, the male nurse is trying to kiss up to the DO’s. As the chaos ensues, somebody is diagnosed with an acute case of DEATH. However, Sam Diamond is sure it is a severe case of MURDER, and Ally Gen feels it is simply an allergy to life.

Audiences are encouraged to participate and help Sam Diamond solve the case. The show is suitable for the entire family.

This show can also be customized for a variety of functions, especially those in any way related to medical professions or the latest hit television shows.

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