Murder Is A Family Affair
Written by: Ginger Mensik
Directed by: Tim Shane

It's her party and she can die if she wants to! However, there's nothing in that song about MURDER! It's Felonia Filthyrich's 85th Birthday Party and all her closest friends and family are invited! Join Felonia and her grandson, Frederick F.N. Filthyrich III, his wife Jane Walton-Filthyrich, Felonia's paid - ahem - companion, Harry Hardbody, and the hired entertainment, Gabriella Grand, among many other surprise guests in the audience. What a surprise when the world-famous, highly-skilled, private detective Sam Diamond shows up to reveal the results of his top secret investigation to Felonia.

This will be someone's last party, but who? Will one of the heirs or the heir "wannabes" commit murder to insure their share of the world's third largest private fortune?

This is a show that is adaptable for any occasion or special event including private and company parties, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, or just for fun.

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