Written & Directed by Tim Shane

There once was a gal from Nantucket
That went by the name of Pat Pucket
Who blackmailed friends and family,
Then invited them to a party
To say limericks are funny, but whodunnit?

Our latest mystery goes back to the classics and the formula that made us the success we are today. This the story of Patricia Puckett, a sneaky, manipulating, blackmailing and paranoid partyer that believes everyone is out to get her. She calls in world famous highly skilled private detective Sam Diamond as protection from her protecion, Agent Grace Smyth and her nurse, nutrionist and personal trainer Lucy Lawful. However, that does not eliminate her very own adoptive daughter, Lucky Pucket who may be trying to off her to protect her budding acting career. Everybody at the party has clear motive, including the audience, but it all comes down to the old question of "whodunnit"?

This show is suitable for the whole family and can be customized for any event, theme or occasion.

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