The Haunting Of The
(or venue of your choice)
Written and Directed by: Tim Shane

In honor of newly two decades of weekly murder mysteries aboard alegendary riverboats, the ghosts of the murder victims return to haunt the Princess Elizabeth and join the other urban legends and superstitions of Lake Worth and Goat Island. Of course, a rag tag team of comic characters are mysteriously invited to investigate the haunting. Mrs. Claire Voyant is hired to contact the deceased and Bernie Hudson the Ghost Terminator is brought on the case to exterminate the riverboat of paranormal pests. In addition to ghosts, Jason Freddy Michaels, the creepy and skeptical horror film icon decides to join in the haunted havoc with a desperate news reporter for XYZ News, Miss Eddy It. It is a good thing the venue employs Sam Diamond, world-famous, highly-skilled private detective to solve the paranormal and the pseudo-normal mysteries.

If you’re looking for some fun frights or an alternative to the haunted houses, scary movies and other October Entertainment suitable for the entire family, then this show is for you.

Although this show is targeted toward fall holidays, it can be customized for any occasion and venue. If you're interested in adding a pseudo-normal theme to your event, this show is a perfect choice.

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