Written & Directed by Tim Shane

The Holidays are a special time of year. A time when families, companies and other organizations gather to celebrate. It is a time of giving and appreciation. It is also a time when murder rates are at an all time high.

The Comedy Killers have designed their most flexible, most entertaining, and most hilarious mystery yet. "Holiday Homicide" is our most interactive show to date.

Mary Holiday is in charge of planning this year's holiday party, and she wants to do something different. Hannah Kah, her associate and planner of the holiday parties of years past, is right there to be sure that everything is politically correct, and Nicky Dickens, her assistant is stuck in the middle. Just to be sure everyone is having a good time, Mary hires Don & Gay Apparel's Murder Mystery company for the entertainment. Sam Diamond is brought in as the authenticity consultant. Then the real murder occurs during the play murder mystery. Help Sam Diamond unravel what is real, what is a play, and what is a play within a play to find the real murderer.

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