Murder Most Ruthless

Written by: Ginger Mensik & Tim Shane
Directed by: Tim Shane

Archibald S. Shyster, the attorney, talent agent and used car salesman (as seen on TV) is on a date with Barbie Doll-Smith. John Smith, Barbie's husband, is on a date with Priscilla Shyster, Archibald's wife. However both couples decide to spend their evening in the same place, which could prove disastrous. Fortunately, Sam Diamond, world-famous, highly-skilled private detective is also on the scene with his date for the evening, Dr. Jezebelle Wrouth, famous for her talk-radio show "The Answer Is Good Sex". As she begins to examine the private lives of two cheating couples, someone decides they would rather take Dr. Wrouth out, but not on a date. Join Sam Diamond as he questions the suspects to solve the crime and find out who spoiled his date.

This show contains adult humor and situations, although not anything you would not see on prime time television. There is no profane language, but there are "clinical" discussions of sex and adult relationships.

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