Pop Star Brittany Simpson is one of the busiest brides in the entertainment industry, working on her third marriage in the last year. Hoping to break her last record of 28 hours to her new husband-to-be, Richard Ratzi, head of the Vigilante Record Franchise. She invites you to her wedding, and if she did not invite you, her maid of honor, Miss Cindy Rellah surely will. You will not want to miss the star-studded event. Complete with Brittany's talent coach, agent and mom, Amy as well as Richard's best man Giles E. McGee, Jr. RSVP's are already in from Christina Knowles, Pappa Ratzi, Justin Timetofallinthelake and Brittany's famous Aunt and Uncle. All these celebrities in one place is sure to be a killer wedding you will not want to miss.

This is a great show for the entire family and was nominated for numerous theatrical awards during it's 2003 premiere. Each year, the script is re-worked with the latest in pop culture to include the most recent celebrity escapades.

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