Curse of the Pink Planter

Written by: Amber Royer
Directed by: Tim Shane

The Comedy Killers present their first Murder-Free Mystery: a jewel heist caper. Featuring Sam Diamond who is being honored for Detective of the Year, Buck Million who, in addition to presenting Sam with the award, is also showing his private museum’s newest exhibition piece, a $300 million pink diamond shaped like a peanut, along with Chief Inspector Jacqueline Dodo and Detective-in-Training Samantha Heart, convicted jewel thief Roger Robberts and his lovely wife Jessica. Somebody steals the diamond and Sam Diamond seems to be guilty of the crime. Out of respect for the man who, just moments before, was about to receive an award for being the greatest Detective of the Year, Buck Million gives Sam Diamond the opportunity to prove his innocence and find the real thief; with a little help from the audience.

This show is suitable for audiences of all ages, and can be customized for any occasion and is ideal for those situations in which a "murder" mystery may not be appropriate.

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