Queen For A Day
Written and Directed by: Tim Shane

Reality shows, beauty pageants and drag shows combine for the annual "Queen for a Day" contest. Join your host, Chuck Cheeslae, and his spectacular array of diva contestants from Dancing Queens to Drag Queens and help him decide who will be this year's "Queen" for a Day. Will it be the returning Queen of Denial, Miss Jackie T. Urtlepace, who suffers from a mild case of PG-rated Tourettes Syndrome? ...Or will it be "daddy's girl" and daughter and heir of a famous international rum franchise, Kristina Isobella Lucia Lu? Perhaps it may be one of the underdogs such as the tragically comical ditz, Candy Cotton, or her slightly masculine roommate Donna Diva?

As with any good Shakespeare play, whenever a group of women want the crown or the throne it makes a great recipe for murder. That is why they have World Famous, Highly-Skilled Private Detective Sam Diamond on the scene to investigate any candidates who are eliminated by death.

This is a show that is adaptable for any occasion, special event or venue including private and company parties, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, banquets or just for fun.

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