NOTE: This is just a sample of a contract for your reference. All aspects are negotiable and flexible before proposed contract is generated. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This contract is between Shane-Arts Murder Mystery Troupe known as the Comedy Killers located at [ENTER ADDRESS], and [CLIENT NAME/ADDRESS], (hereafter referred to as Client).

1.                   PURPOSE:  The Comedy Killers agree to perform the murder mystery entitled [MURDER MYSTERY TITLE] on [ENTER DATE].  The show is to be performed at [LOCATION] in [CITY, STATE] with the performance scheduled to begin at [START TIME] for [NUMBER OF PEOPLE] people.

2.                  VALUE:  The Client agrees to pay the total sum of [ENTER AMOUNT].   This [DOES/DOES NOT]  include customization.  A Non-refundable deposit of [25% OF TOTAL] is due with the signature of this contract, and the balance of [TOTAL MINUS DEPOSIT]  is due prior to the scheduled beginning of the performance as stated in section #1.  Make Checks payable to [NAME/DBA and SS# or TAX ID]


A.         Tim Shane will provide professional performers, required props for the show as well as programs and clue sheets for each expected guest.

B.                   The Client agrees to provide [#] meals for the performers and a manager which will make up the troupe performance team.  The Client is also responsible for providing pens, pencils, or writing instruments for each expected guest to mark their clue sheet.  The Client will  reserve a secured “backstage area” for the performers to prepare, and keep their personal belongings.  (This is also a place for the “dead” characters to wait)

The Client is responsible for any marketing or promotion of the event.  When customizing the show, the client agrees to deliver required background information to Comedy Killers no later than [TIME PERIOD] before the performance.  The client will supply a prize for the winner of the murder mystery, if applicable.

4.                   PRODUCTION RESPONSIBILITIES:  The selected performance has three scheduled breaks to accompany a sit down dinner (NOT A BUFFET).  The first break is for soup/salad/appetizer, the second break is for the main course, and the third break is for dessert.

5.                   VALIDATION & TERM:  This contract will originate in two original counterparts.  The client signs both copies and delivers them to Tim Shane with deposit (if applicable).  Comedy Killers authorized representative signs both copies and returns one original to the client.   Both signatures and/or the clearing of the deposit check validate this contract.

6.                   EXPIRATION:  This contract expires upon the completion of the performance AND when the balance is paid in full or when the check clears.

7.                   CANCELLATION:  This contract may be cancelled by the client’s representative (as signed below) contacting Comedy Killers-authorized representative (as signed below).  Deposits are non-refundable.

Client                                                                                                Shane-Arts/Comedy Killers
REPRESENTATIVE, TITLE                                                                 REPRESENTATIVE, TITLE
INSERT ADDRESS                                                                            9724 Amberton Pkwy.
                                                                                                        Dallas, TX  75243
Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX                                                                         Phone:  469-330-8322
Fax:     XXX-XXX-XXXX                     
E-mail:                                                        E-mail:

By: ______________________ Date ______________   By:____________________ Date __________                         
Authorized Representative                                              Authorized Representative

or call: 469.330.8322