Comedy Killers Murder Mysteries Aboard

For booking a Comedy Killers Murder Mystery on the Texas Queen, please contact:
Dallas Hub Theater at 214-749-7010

Booking the Texas Queen Riverboat

If you are looking for a truly memorable and unique experience for your event, book the Comedy Killer Murder Mystery Troupe aboard the Texas Queen Riverboat. Cruises run year round and package deals are available to fit almost any budget. Enjoy the fun of the murder mystery, the wonderful atmosphere of a riverboat and dine on delicious cuisine. Contact Ernie Hughes at the phone number and contact information listed above right away.

Directions To The Texas Queen Riverboat

From Downtown Dallas take I-30 East toward Texarkana
EXIT # 64: Dalrock Road and take the first RIGHT
NOTE: Do not proceed over the highway
Follow road to T-intersection (Less than 100 yards)
TURN LEFT at T-intersection
Proceed until you see the Weekends Restaurant
The Texas Queen is now docked on the lakeside of Weekends Restaurant

or call: 214.749.7010