"Seeking, Retaining & Cultivating Audiences & Talent to Enhance the Cultural Community"


Our Core Values

We Established our Core Values in 1993 and have been using them to drive our creative solutions ever since.  We follow 6 basic principles that spell out CREATE so we can remember them well. 

1. Create and keep positive relationships
2. Respect others
3. Ego (Keep it in check)
4. Awareness (Mental and Physical)
5. Take initiative to make things better.
6. Examples (Set A Good One)

We do our best to prevent, avoid or correct the  following which ironically spells DESTROY. 

Deny or Damage the validty of others
Enable or Excuse unsatisfactory behaviors
Serve your own interest at the expense of others
Terminate Relationships 
React emotionally or negatively
Oppose making things better without providing better solutions
Yield to insecurities, laziness or negative conditions