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Unique Engaging Solutions for development, Campaigns & shows

Whether you are looking for something small and unique for personal enjoyment or an ongoing team building event for your large professional organization, we have a solution for you.  Our results driven creative team creates new paradigms and innovations.  For nearly three decades our core group of artists have been able to do sales and marketing by day, and educational, entertaining and inspiring shows by night.  Whether you need an emotionally intelligent sales force, theatrical performance, horse show, car show or trade show or even something fresh and new with new emerging technologies and platforms, we have an affordable solution for you.

Online Services We offer a variety of online services from Enhanced Listing Placement Sponsorship Ads for some Better Business Bureau, Multiple Platforms such as Yelp, TrustPilot, and Social Media via T3 Results.  We have strategic partnerships to help you save and streamline your operations from credit card processing, phone, text, E-mail, website and both paid and organic campaigns.
Murder Mysteries
If you are looking for something different to do, or looking for unique entertainment for your event, a Comedy Murder Mystery always makes a killer statement. The Comedy Killers Murder Mysteries have been performing since 1993 and warn you and your friends that you will “die laughing”. Whether you are looking for something fun for a small party at your house, or a huge company party, the Comedy Killers interactive and comic approach to murder mystery are sure to be a “hit” for all.  We have new shows every year.
Commedia d’arte Since 1993, this commedia troupe performed on a transportable cart that converted into a stage known as Commedia dell’Carte.   Specializing in street theater (busking), the ensemble merged into education throughout the world and then eventually the digital frontier.  The term Commedia dell’arte originated in the Italian Renaissance meaning the “comedy of the artist” known for performing in the marketplace.  We evolved into the Comedy of the Digital Artists and can help you create campaigns for sales, development, service and communications.
SATER Shane Arts Theatrical Ensemble Rep (SATER) produces plays in a style that can be mounted just about anywhere, providing a quality performance with creative and artistic design for minimal cost. For our talent, it offers the opportunity to perform in a variety of genres, from classics to contemporary and new works. For our audience, it allows you to request what you want to see.  Think of it as a theater coming near you.
1099 Design Our newest addition designing spaces by professional organizers and coaches to help you make the most of your space whether you are traveling or setting up shop in your home, closet or work place.
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