"Seeking, Retaining & Cultivating Audiences & Talent to Enhance the Cultural Community"

Our Mission:
Seeking, Retaining and Cultivating Audiences and Talent
to Enhance the Cultural Community

We need you. The talented artist needs an audience’s support and patronage in order to survive. At Shane Arts, we realize how important you are. Not only do we want you to come to us, but all of our artistic and creative services are geared to COME TO YOU. From the traveling stage of Commedia dell’Carte, Comedy Murder Mysteries all the way to Singing Telegrams. We are constantly on the lookout for creative, exciting and new “Talent”. This may be from acting, stand up comedy improvisation, directing, designing, music, writing and the list can go on and on. We do our best to see shows, showcases and cultural events to look for new talent to keep a steady flow of quality coming into our core company.
Once we find each other, we intend to keep your attention by continually improving our existing work and developing new concepts to keep you dazzled and satisfied, yet wanting more. We will keep you updated without swamping you with junk mail. We want our audiences to grow, not just cycle more people through the same old “dog and pony” show. We are not looking for talent that is just seeking to add something to their resume and move on. We seek and work with professionals who constantly believe in developing their craft and offer an infinity of opportunities to keep you challenged to do your best work. We believe in nurturing our talent so it will flourish. After all, it is our most valuable asset.
We want to give you something back for your support, patronage and loyalty. We believe in cultivating our audiences as well as our talent. Of course we will entertain, but we also hope to educate and enlighten. We provide you with resources and inspiration that will deepen your appreciation for not only what we do, but for all the humanities. We believe in continuous quality and improvement. Our talent is not only an asset, but it’s also an investment. As with almost any job, you must constantly enhance your talent and skills to stay viable and competitive. Our creative process is exciting and one of constant discovery.