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OMG Google

Google Algo Leaks 2024

The new and emerging digital landscape is an equalizer.  We can access the same information with pretty much the same tools.  At Shane Arts we have been doing this a long time and pioneer best practices that are ethical and ecological.  We understand if we build our strategy or model on finding ways to game the system that will usually result in being penalized, disavowed or an “algorithm update” that forces everyone to stay on top of things and creates more work.

We have been pioneering best practices in digital marketing since the 90’s.  Before Google, Meta and the Internet of Things and we are still learning new things every day.  Our goal is to be “actors” instead of “reactors” in digital marketing.  Our goal is to get the right message to the right person at the right time with the best possible service at the best price.

Google has been dominating the online landscape for decades.  You typically need Google to get to your Yelp, Social Media or Business Profiles regardless if you are Apple or Android or which browser you prefer.

Some people base their entire reality on what results when they “ask Google”.

Since 2011, Tim Shane and or Shane Arts has been attending, sponsoring and currently serving on the board for organizations such as State of Search.  There we do our best to grow with a community of professionals to keep our clients ahead of the times and help them navigate changes and emerging technologies.  

Part of a marketers job is to get your attention.  When I started to see Google Search Document Leak… I thought it was like the typical SEO is Dead or AI is coming for your job click bait.  However it started gaining some traction with colleagues that I respect. 

Rand Fishkin has been teaching our talented Team SEO with White Board Friday‘s and now currently CEO and Co-Founder of Sparktoro. (Pictured with me below) 

Joy Hawkins has been a speaker at State of Search and is the owner and founder of Sterling Sky also does an excellent job of teaching and training best practices with Local U.  

Mike King is an artist and a technologist, much like our team of talent.  He is CEO and Founder of iPullRank.  I hope to meet him in person or collaborate with him soon. 

The three of them did a webinar if you don’t have time to read.  Here is the link.

If you do have time to read check out this updating link on Search Engine Journal.  

Validation came for Shane Arts in that Links and Authority are still major factors.