"Seeking, Retaining & Cultivating Audiences & Talent to Enhance the Cultural Community"
Shane Arts Louisiana Office

What is Shane Arts?

We have been finding the answer to this question every day for the last 30+ years.

Shane Arts is a company of artistic entrepreneurs that have been working together in creative pursuits in media from setting up pop up stages in parking lots to emerging platforms on the Internet going back to 1993.

Today they optimize both the left and the right brain creativity to produce effective, affordable digital marketing strategies and fun engaging content.  

Commedia dell'Carte Show

A Theater Coming Near You

If you can remember a time when computers accessed the internet with dial up modems and mobile phones where the size of bricks, that is when the artists of Shane Arts were bringing their shows to schools, renaissance festivals, parking lots, or anywhere a crowd gathered.

While our short attention spans of today think that these algorithms are new, we know they go back to the dawn of humanity.  Com Media was our first website using stock characters that you have seen throughout global art and culture for centuries.  This website was part of the higher education curriculum on multiple continents.  Shane Arts also began producing original works, interactive murder mysteries, and theatrical works that were easy to move locations and venues.  Many of the artists, including the founder, Tim Shane, taught at local colleges and universities.

Look here why Tech Giants like Google and Apple look to hire Humanities Majors.

The Entrepreneurs at Shane Arts opened a centrally located venue called Dallas Hub Theater that hosted festivals and pioneered online engagement since the days of MySpace and Yahoo Messenger.

As Google, Facebook, Social Media and Smart Phones became the norm, the talented group found ways to engage their own network helping with sales and development for such brands as Thompson Reuters, Better Business Bureau, Yelp and do their best to education digital marketing professionals on how to use these talent and tools ethically and responsibly through conferences and certifications such as State of Search.