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As with many things Yelp there are good and bad parts of inevitable change.  Working with Shane Arts we help you see the big picture of all of it and navigate the change the best way for you.  Please read all the way through to see both perspectives and do not take any of the following out of context.


Shane Arts began working with Yelp as many of our clients were earning their way to the  top of search results and lists and then losing that traffic to Yelp.  Many tried Yelp before in the past and were quite frustrated doing it on their own or with agencies that were marking up an already expensive product and also not fully optimizing it for their clients benefit.  Our goal with Yelp was always to offer the best value at the best price and to give an objective third party perspective.  As such both Yelp and our clients love us and we were recently honored as the Finalist for Best In Client Service.


Shane Arts Clients can now get all the page enhancements at the best price.  Yelp has “page enhancements” that when property managed can be very effective in getting the desired results.  The way Yelp is set up these are often dismissed as free upgrades when you spend aggressive amounts of money on their managed Cost Per Click campaigns.  We build and manage the page enhancements for our clients first, so if it is in their best interest to advertise we typically get the desired results.

We take your trust in Shane Arts with your Yelp budget seriously.  We pride ourselves on getting our clients the most out of every dollar.  We have packages for every kind of client with many sized budget and Shane Arts has a dedicated team at Yelp.  With hundreds of satisfied Yelp clients, Yelp has pretty much granted us ALL of their page enhancements at their new base price starting in 2024Q3 (July 1, 2024).  The Verified License Feature is not available for all types of businesses in all areas so far that is the only exception.  We can still purchase or bundle it with some of our packages if appropriate.

Our pricing is still more than 50% off if a client did it directly with Yelp, and may be discounted further if bundled with some of our other services.

If you are currently a client and happy with the way things are, you are grandfathered in to our legacy pricing structure.  Some clients like to keep it simple and do not want to manage all the things.


If you are a new client, our minimum package for Yelp at Shane Arts will have to increase to accommodate all of the page enhancements after July 1st, 2024.  More Page Enhancements mean more things to manage.

Let’s find 15 minutes to see if we have the best solution for you.

Shane Arts Nominated as BEST IN CLIENT SERVICE for the Yelp Advertising Partner Awards